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Resilient Cities: Planning for an Uncertain Future

CITE invites all interested transportation professionals and students to share your ideas at the CITE/QUAD Joint 2020 Annual Conference happening 24-27 May 2020 in Vancouver, BC! Our program theme is Resilient Cities: Planning for an Uncertain Future. Planning the transportation system of the future can no longer consist of extrapolating current trends. Major disruptions are becoming more frequent, and there are now a wide range of potential futures before us. This can include everything ranging from the vulnerability of transportation infrastructure to changing climate conditions to technological distributions to mobility choices. The theme of this conference will focus on how practices are changing from guessing a future and planning for it, to increasingly accepting uncertainty, and incorporating resilience to this uncertainty into our work.

The conference will promote the exchange of the ITE community’s ideas and experiences in transportation to promote resilience in cities. CITE/QUAD 2020 offers a unique forum for you to share your successes and learn how others in the transportation community are planning for an uncertain future to benefit all users.

Our technical program will showcase the unique solutions being developed to respond to the challenges of urban growth, climate change, technological development and access to mobility by all groups. In facing these challenges, the collective knowledge and experience of the ITE community will be an invaluable tool to build on successes, learn from experiences, and tailor the analysis, design and implementation of transportation systems to the specific communities and users impacted.


We welcome you to share your ideas, initiatives, success stories, and lessons learned. Submissions are welcome on any topic that demonstrates something new, novel, or noteworthy in the world of transportation. Send us your abstract with any exciting new development in the state of the practice and we’ll see if we can include it in a suitable conference session.

Some ideas for presentations which may be particularly topical include:

  • Autonomous and connected vehicles
  • BRT and LRT Rapid Transit Projects – going from vision to implementation
  • Active transportation facility design and implementation – innovations, successes, and lessons learned
  • Integration of Mobility Services and Technology
  • Managing Traffic and Transportation during major events, construction and disasters
  • Bike-, car- or ride-sharing initiatives
  • Transportation accessibility and community building – removing physical, economic and social barriers
  • Designing for extreme weather and climate change
  • Road Safety, Vision Zero and Controlling Traffic Speeds
  • Mobility as a Service (MaaS)
  • Parking; Curbside Management
  • Women in Engineering

Please use your abstract to show us how and why your idea would make a great addition to the technical program for Vancouver 2020!

Presentation Formats

We are planning to have a variety of session formats and encourage innovative formats that foster connections and/or collaboration among your audience members. Options include:

  • Presentation Only – an abstract outlining your presentation and a final presentation submitted after abstract acceptance
  • Innovative formats – Interactive formats including Panel Discussion, Workshop, or Roundtable Sessions
  • Propose an idea with your abstract submission.

Submission Instructions

Abstract length: 300 to 500 words
Abstract submissions due: October 31, 2019, 11:59 PM Pacific Time
Final presentation submission due (if your abstract is accepted): May 15, 2020

Countdown to abstract due date - October 31!